BioLoc Network

« No subscription, private & autonomous »

Private network

Each BioLoc Rx receiver are connected to each other for creating a wide connected area.

No subscription

As it is a private network, there is no communication fees. It is totally free of subscription.


The embedded software is coded and secured. Every program is different and adapted to your needs.

Long range

Cover a wide area freely. More than 50kms range between BioLoc tag and BioLoc Station.

Low consumption

All the software is made by Xerius and 100% optimized to consume less for more data.

Light weight

From 4.5grs with housing, we integrate GPS, UHF, ACC, memory, solar energy all together.

BioLoc Station

BioLoc Station is unique. It can collect multiple tags data and is completely autonomous thanks to solar panels. Its system is fully :

  • Automatic
  • Easy to deploy
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Energy self-sufficient

The communication range can reach up to 50kms (already tested). This receptor has an internal GPS. The GPS format is programmable and compatible on Google Earth and Google Maps. This system can communicate with up to 240 transmitters simultaneously.

It was originally designed and conceived to monitor resident birds in harsh environment.

  • Light weight

  • GPS, Glonass, Galileo

  • UHF 434MHz (European Standards)

  • UHF 868MHz (European Standards)

  • GSM

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Solar panels

  • Internal memory

  • Temperature monitoring


BioLoc Tag

BioLoc Tag is an hybrid transmitter with GPS, accelerometer, memory, temperature sensor and UHF link. Its weight only from 10grs to severals. The housing is very sturdy (aluminium alloy) and adaptable in function of the species.

Its can also include a Geofencing option (Argos network) and a solar panels option.

The communication range can reach up to 50kms (already tested) thanks to the BioLoc Station.

We can also remotely connect with transmitters at a range of 10kms to reprogram or download the data.

It was originally designed to track resident birds in harsh environment or migrant bird using Data Logging/Geofencing.

BioLoc Tag was designed in partnership with scientists. This is the most hybrid and lighter transmitter for harsh environment studies.

  • Light weight

  • GPS, Glonass, Galileo

  • UHF 434MHz (European standards)

  • Programmable

  • Internal memory

  • Activity sensors 3-Axis

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Battery level

  • Back-pack, collar, ear-tag, tape, glue on


Technology tested on the Pic du Midi de Bigorre with the help of the Midi Pyrénées Observatory and the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse.

Field projects

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