« World highest range – GPS & VHF receiver »

Stratus II Rx is an ultra-performing receptor functioning with Stratus II Tx.

The communication range can reach up to 164km with -136dbm sensibility. This receptor has an internal GPS. The LCD screen will display the spatial distance and direction of the transmitter. The GPS format is XX° XX’ XX”, compatible on Google Earth and Google Maps.

This system can communicate with up to 120 transmitters simultaneously. It provide 10 hours autonomy and is fully rechargeable.

A spectral analyser is also integrated within the handheld receiver. The user can scan and establish wave lengths that are the most suited for an experiment and hence avoid compromising radio-frequency interferences due to the surroundings.

It was originally designed and conceived to trace hunting falcons in the United Arab Emirates. It is available commercially there and desert proof.

  • Light weight

  • VHF 220MHz

  • GPS, Glonass

  • Interferences management

  • Compass

  • Battery level


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