« Alteos – Argos, GPS, UHF and solar technologies »

Weighing from 18 grams, Alteos includes three technologies: Argos, GPS and VHF. This tiny system dialogues directly with the Argos satellite network. Furthermore, thanks to VHF system (USB Key Lite or USB Performance), you can now remotely upload and download Alteos without having to catch the bird. Alteos gives information about bird’s movements and allows scientists to study their patterns.

When sets with high performance mat solar panels, the life spam of the battery can reach up to 3 years.

Xerius R&D has modified the reflectivity of these panels to maintain the natural camouflage of the bird and ensure its safety. The proprietary antenna is ultra-flexible, making it, unique in the world.

Alteos product range varies between 18 grams and 100 grams. The user can program the time slot during which the data are captured. This could optimise battery usage for example.

As every Xerius Tracking product, it is adaptable and can be customised to your need and the species to monitor. Xerius will advise on the system impact so that users will always make an informed decision.

Thanks to the technological advances gained through the pioneering work of Xerius with its Defense and Aerospace partners, the features of Alteos are yet unmatched.

Alteos is a real jewel of technology.

Alteos allows scientists to obtain reliable and usable data.

alteos argos gps and vhf ptt compares to 1 euro

Alteos operating


Alteos’ data

How to collect data ?

Milvus Milvus – Red Kite

Columba Livia Domestica – Rock Dove

Columba Palumbus – Common Wood Pigeon

Pavo Cristatus – Indian Peafowl

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