« Xerius’ core values »

Xerius’ team is small, dynamic and organised in an horizontal structure. Xerius believes this is the way to allow quick decision making and a real flow through innovation. Each employee is independent and brings their own set of skills. This positioning gives each collaborator a real status and credibility within the team. It contributes to the well-being of the individual as well as the whole team. Xerius is extremely reactive in terms of speed and quality as every employee puts their heart and soul in every project. Proactivity and new concepts flow easily, allowing Xerius to keep up with the technology pace and remain pioneer in its field.

Our aim is to establish a strong and durable relationship with our client. We often work on collaborative projects and the responsibilities must be shared as to reach a positive outcome for us and generations to come. We aim to offer a variety of tailor-made products.

Every solutions is tested before sending and is under warranty during 2 years.

More than a company … a community !