« Telemetry for wildlife monitoring »

Since 1999, Xerius has established a strong reputation as a trusted company in telemetry for defense, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Building on its core radiofrequency engineering background, the division XeriusTracking was created in 2016.

Its goal is to support scientists, organisations and governments in their effort to monitor and protect biodiversity.

years of experience in engineering
individuals monitored
species tracked all around the world

Telemetry solutions

Xerius develops miniaturised tracking devices and data loggers using technologies as GPS, Argos, UHF, GSM,…

Each telemetry solution is customised and engineered for wildlife applications in harsh environment.


Ultra hybrid and miniature

We develop differents hybrid transmitters adapted to the species and to the environment.


Long range network

All our receivers are developed in house with state-of-art technologies and ultra sensitive signal reception.


Connect to your devices

Software are also developed in house. Connect with your devices and manage all parameters remotely.


Adaptative technology

YAGI antennas, extra filters,… Many accessories adapted to your field and your study.

Every system is designed, developed and produced in-house. This production strategy helps to reduce development time and costs.

Today, Xerius is one of the leading international company supplying miniaturized, hybrid and sturdy tracking devices for harsh environment.