« Hybrid and lightweight GPS devices »


Include GNSS receiver, Argos network, UHF link, accelerometer, memory and sensors

Low consumption

All the software is made by Xerius and 100% optimized to consume less for more data.

Light weight

From 1.2grs, the PCB integrate GNSS receiver, Argos, UHF, ACC, MEM and sensor as temperature.

BioLoc transmitters are hybrid with GNSS receiver, Argos network, accelerometer, memory, temperature sensor and UHF link.

It weights only from 10 grs to several.

The housing is in an aluminium alloy material originally used for spatial and aero sectors.

We adapt the external treatment in function of the species (terrestrials or marine).

Our transmitters can also include a Geofencing option (Argos network) and solar panels.

Communication range reach up 136 kms in open area thanks to the BioLoc base station (automatic and autonomous receiver).

Each transmitter has an additional UHF link. This link makes each transmitter fully programmable during the production or by you thanks to the USB’s from 1 km to 136 kms (“Add-on” menu).

It can be also program as a data-logger for certain use cases. 

GNSS accuracy and specifications are also programmable (HDOP, nb sat., timeout,…). We usually reach 2 m accuracy in open sky area. 

Transmitters operated from -20°C to +60°C tested in climate chamber. 

1.2grs PCB with all embedded technologies as Argos, GNSS receiver, ACC, memory, sensors,… for optimized harsh environment studies.

BioLoc transmitters are designed in partnership with scientists. 

Technology tested on the Pic du Midi de Bigorre with the help of the Midi Pyrénées Observatory and the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse.

  • Light weight

  • GPS, Glonass, Galileo

  • UHF 434MHz (European standards)

  • Programmable

  • Internal memory

  • Activity sensors 3-Axis

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Battery level

  • Back-pack, collar, ear-tag, tape, glue on

Field projects 

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