1st Asian Argos bird-tracking Conference

This 1st Asian conference was organized by Dr Hiroyoshi Higuchi in cooperation with CLS and Cubic-I.

During this conference, worldwide ornithologists introduced scientific results that were obtained through Argos platforms.

Studies were truly fascinating, ideas were exchanged and new ways to cooperate were discussed. For example, we learnt about geese migration. For a technological company, it is always fascinating to realise how birds can find their ways naturally.

Amazing workshop were held so Xerius could understand how it could participate and help the scientific community. As a tag producer, we crucially need the feedback of the scientific community to develop our future products. The more we know about a specific study or a bird species, the better our technology is.

During the workshop, scientists compared the difference between the breeding and foraging ecology in the mainland and in island populations. Thanks to technology, they can now compare migration times and dates and match this with the weather. This way, they came to realise that some species followed wind flow to start their migration.

It was also a great opportunity for Xerius to introduce its unique Argos & GPS PTT : Alteos.

As always, the Xerius team is very much looking forward to another Argos bird-tracking workshop.