Since its beginning in 1999, Xerius has developped more than 190 products.

We want to implement a faithful business partnership, we offer 1 year of warranty for all our products. First of all, you must know that all Xerius products are made on Xerius premises by Xerius employees. We develop software, design product, plug in and test them in our headquarters in Toulouse, France. Thanks to that we guarantee a high level of quality. We would not deliver an untested product.

Our team is constantly available in the field to support you during all your studies.

Obviously, we test all components such as batteries. We check if its provides the ideal specifications for your telemetry equipement:

  • an high energy level,
  • an high efficiency,
  • a long shelf life,
  • an ability to operate at extreme temperatures,
  • Light weight.

The quality and care provided to our products is the key. We test all our products before selling and we adapt each product according to the scientists’ needs.

Our goal is to provide the best technology to help you in your researches.

Some of our equipment have almost 10 years of expertise.