How to work with the ARGOS system?

When you order PTT devices with an ARGOS system, there are some steps to follow.

Xerius uses the ARGOS system as a communication system. Currently, your device will send GPS data via ARGOS, to be collected by CLS in Toulouse, France. Your data is then accessible thanks to a CLS online platform. Because lots of people use ARGOS like this, it is important to individually ID each device.

Thanks to this ID, you can select data from the tag you want. You must know that all of this is not free. To know how much you have to pay, you must first ask CLS.  The price depends on the amount of data you want. This is like a phone package but using another network.

How to get an ID ?

You have to refer to CLS Customer Service.

How to collect my data ?

Thanks to ARGOS system, you can retrieve data from your study. To collect them, there are three ways. First, you can go to: When you buy a PTT, Xerius gives you a parser to translate collected data in “.csv” in “.txt”.  Thanks to that you will be able to analyse your data. Sometimes with Argos software you have to wait only a few hours to recover your data. This method is practical if you are far from your devices.

Second, you can use our Goniometer RXG-134 and RXG-234, sold by CLS, to collect data within a range of 100km. You have to enter your device ID first before using it.

Finally, by using our USB Key Lite (12 kms) or our USB Performance (137 kms) you can remotely collect data or update your device.